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Who will still be making optical drives? (Hopefully a partnership with LG and M-Disc?) They might turn into very costly. Some of the DVD players from reputable gamers that carry the phrases "M disk assist" aren't on the listing on the M Disc web site you linked to, however I guess they should be nice for writing/studying M disk DVDs, as opposed to … Read More

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AfterDawn.com Glossary – BDAV container Archived December 9, 2012, at Archive.right now, Retrieved on July 26, 2009. Hitachi First in Industry to Release Blu-ray Disc Camcorder Archived August 10, 2007, on the Wayback Machine Naoki Asakawa, Nikkei Electronics, Nikkei Business Publications, August three, 2007. "Verbatim to Launch World's First Min… Read More